Programs & Services

Serving the needs of the community

Masjid Al Fatima has a wide range of programs and services that cater to the needs of Edmonton Muslim Community 

Ramadan Services

We offer Suhoor and Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan. Itikaf facilities available

Funeral Services

We will be having  a fully equipped mortuary in near future and will be providing Funeral Services to the members of Masjid Al Fatima free of cost.

Women Empowerment and Child Development Centre

 Through this centre, we are soon going to rollout Training Program, New Immigrant Support Programs, Driving Classes, Child Minding Facilities InshaAllah

Arabic and Urdu Credential Courses

 We offer credentialled Urdu and Arabic courses at nominal fees for our members

Mental Health and Addiction Program

 Program tailored to cater to the needs of all ages. Counseling and Clinical Services, Help Line, Peer Support, Education and Research Facility

Sports and Leisure Centre

 Basket ball clinics, swimming camps, Hiking and Camping for families and many more 

Social Events

Quran, Tajweed, Qirat, and Fiqh Classes

 Classes for all ages. Free Quran and Fiqh classes for members.

Marriage Ceremony

 We offer marriage (nikah) services. Our members can avail a discounted banquet hall and catering services on their special day

Foster Parents Programs

 We will be working to educate and engage with Masjid Al Fatima community to build an awareness and desire for Foster Parents Program

Community Services

Poverty eradication, creating healthy communities, bridging cultural gaps, learning and development are some of the programs that we will be rolling out InshaAllah soon

Islamic Library and Resource Centre

 Access thousand of resources on Islam

Community Outreach Programs

 Syeda Rasheeda Sultana Memorial Community Centre and Multicultural Hall caters to wide range of community needs, bringing communities together

Seniors Centre and Women's Shelter

Syeda Rasheeda Sultana memorial Seniors Centre and Women's Shelter caters to the needs of seniors providing many programs for seniors.

Our women's shelter will create a safe haven for women and girls in need.

Circumcision Clinic

Free Circumcision clinics for members . 

Farmer's Market

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